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"No. The story promotes good neighbourliness. So it has worth. What do the Gospels promote?"

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So she had felt obliged to have sex with him too. He explains the house is a property belonging to his family, it's his parents' summer house, and they come here from time to time with his sisters, but he's living here alone most of the time. Her feet gorls free and bounced on the steps.

She staggered a little, but managed.

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Jushicage | 06.03.2018
?Pretty obvious to me that life was done on purpose?
Matilar | 12.03.2018
All I can say, and this is coming from a place of personal experience..... If you don't want a kid, you better wrap that thing up. If a dude knows he doesn't want a baby, he should know that he loses the option the moment he deposits his unprotected baby batter in the incubation chamber.
Negami | 16.03.2018
i was in the pool!
Kataxe | 17.03.2018
Only if you want to just believe all that is written. That's like me saying that everything in the Harry Potter novels must be true.
Neshura | 19.03.2018
I already addressed that point above.
Tojaktilar | 27.03.2018
Well whomever UCMJ is happens to be wrong
Douktilar | 02.04.2018
A simple Google search will direct you to the various polls and studies that show his comment to be true...
Gardagami | 10.04.2018
Yeah... I lasted all of 30 seconds into the debate last night, and couldn't take him.
Vura | 18.04.2018
If it was the Luke character described in Acts... then clearly not! :-) (And I think Luke is mentioned in Timothy... but that's got some authorship issues.)
Shakanris | 28.04.2018
That?s true. Wonder if the guy was offered a deal, if he would have rolled on whoever gave it to him??
Mikatilar | 05.05.2018
Which part is false?
Kelrajas | 11.05.2018
Ive been hearing this "but what about 600 years ago" argument all morning and its coming from the atheists/antitheists...Im convinced they deserve everything that's coming to them for turning a blind eye to simple questions concerning the tenets of islam and deflecting as displayed on this thread.
Mezilrajas | 12.05.2018
yes turdeau gets off on that stuff
Voll | 21.05.2018
What? Of course its about can't argue the evidence so you turn to bash the messenger. Typical tactic, and yeah its all over this discussion. None of you can argue the evidence here.
Jushakar | 22.05.2018
Great Grandmother at 63? Wow.
Gardaramar | 30.05.2018
Actually, I've gone over your posts. You're right... you haven't.
Shakasida | 05.06.2018
As a professional linguist, Cambridge is my dictionary of choice due to its thorough definitions. It's not at all random.
Aramuro | 07.06.2018
It's really okay, and thank you ^^.
Vudom | 10.06.2018
LOL her cats have plenty of stories to tell.
Kigal | 12.06.2018
You are either as thick as a whale omelette or you're trolling me; either way I'm bored... your "quote" missed a "not".
Akinodal | 15.06.2018
What works for most Christians is the the complete lack of putting any thought into it at all. The majority of believers I've engaged (outside of Disqus forums) readily admit they don't really think about their religion. They go to church (attendance varies), drop some money in the basket, bow their heads, and go on with their lives. Do they believe in god? Yes. Are they good Christians? Yes.
Kikree | 21.06.2018
Watching the 'View' will make one racist.
Nikogal | 30.06.2018
I agree with GHF. "Morals" as given by god, are not morals at all. They are commands. Much like when we command our dog to get off the couch. He does. Not because it is the 'moral' thing to do but because of fear
Fekree | 04.07.2018
What I said was the burning of buildings was likely hyperbolic.
Kagakazahn | 05.07.2018
I'd block you, but you're a mod and so I can't. I guess being called the equivalent of an ISIS terrorist tends to rub me the wrong way so I'll just tell you to go to hell and stop replying to me.
Mogal | 10.07.2018
The OP is like "Is there a link between mass shootings and Atheism?"
Douzragore | 19.07.2018
Keep being stupid
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