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Willing to study russian language

"===Nope. That is your idea"

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Nagis | 12.03.2018
I'd love to have that kind of T-shirt or bumper sticker!
Faushura | 21.03.2018
That's a load of bullocks and you know it.
Gobei | 23.03.2018
No it doesn't. The First and the Last is pointing to the beginning and the end. GOD is before the beginning and after the ending. The first and the last is pointing to the Son of GOD, Adam (H.E).
Fenris | 28.03.2018
Nope. I never made a claim that I am some kind of moral authority. These guys did. Therefore, we get to judge them on their lifestyle and just how closely they follow what they preach. I, on the other hand, don't preach at all.
Sanos | 30.03.2018
Me next! Me next!...
Ketilar | 05.04.2018
Haha no worries, I get what you're saying now.
Sabar | 06.04.2018
2008. I was SO excited when Obama was elected.
Faukus | 09.04.2018
False. There is no such thing as a victim-less crime. The perp becomes the final victim of his own crime (sin.) You say that, "there?s no limits to the things you can do and still be a ?good? Christian." While that is a false idea, it really is beside the point. When one is born again, he changes direction in his life, and no longer desires to do those things you mention.
Gushicage | 19.04.2018
Are you sure you know what the second law is about? Tell us if you are. Don't deny us free entertainment.
Arashiramar | 26.04.2018
You want real canings, rather than drugs for caning?
Tusho | 04.05.2018
There's a whole lot of cruddy behaviors in this video.
Vogor | 06.05.2018
I don't care about his pigmentation - it was his policies that I found to be deplorable.
Midal | 10.05.2018
Please add "Do not ask if you can climb the tree, or say anything about a tall glass of water". ?? I will do nothing but short shame you in return.??
Nekinos | 17.05.2018
Claims the blogger with no scientific qualifications.
Willing to study russian language
Willing to study russian language

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